School Skills Program for Children with Autism

Evidence Based Program to help your child learn, grow and successfully transition to "big school" in 2020!

Do you have a child with autism starting Kindergarten or Year 1 in 2020? Or a child who needs a refresh of skills before restarting the school year?

Do you want to give your child the skills to succeed with the transition to school?

Are you looking for a school readiness program developed to ease the transition?

TLC has a program to kick start your child's success!

If you are a parent of a child with autism or other learning difference who is getting ready to make the leap to Kindergarten or Year 1 in Term 1 2020, then this 6 session program is what you are looking for!

Your child will receive a program tailored to their specific needs to support their learning of key concepts and skills in preparation for Kindergarten or Year 1.

This 6 session school readiness program will get your child on their way to starting Kindergarten or Year 1 with confidence.

I'm ready, sign my child up!

What's covered in the program?

Classroom transitions and routines

Your child will be introduced to routines similar to Kindergarten or Year 1 as they learn to follow adult-led instructions, complete activities and move on to other activities.

Group Time

Your child will practise sitting in a group to listen to stories, answer questions and learn the rules of waiting, turn-taking and participating in a teacher-led group activity.

Phonemic Awareness

Your child will practise matching letters to their sounds, sound out letters while singing, dancing and having loads of fun! We use the familiar and established Ants in the Apple series that many Kindergarten or Year 1 classes also use to introduce phonics. 

Letter and Number Formation

Children will become more familiar with letters and numbers as they complete worksheets, art and craft and other fun activities.

Emotional Adjustment

Going to big school can be a big adjustment and separating from carers and meeting new people can be difficult for many of our children. This area will address areas like friendships, flexibility, increasing attention and impulse control.

Language and Communication

Your child will practise and strengthen their communication skills with their peers and teachers as they learn to participate in turn-taking conversations, negotiating and assertiveness.

Motor Coordination

Your child will enjoy activities that enhance fine and gross motor skills as the class participates in games and art and craft.

Social Play

Your child will participate in activities that enhance social skills; ranging from cooperative play to joining in, turn-taking, accepting others’ ideas in play and learning about others’ preferences, similarities and differences.


Your child will learn about numbers in a fun and engaging way. Numeracy will be addressed in a number of ways, including counting, sorting, worksheets, songs, art and craft and stories.


Your child will discover how letters and sounds string together and find the fun and adventure in reading. Literacy will be addressed in a number of ways, including worksheets, songs, art and craft and story time. In sessions 1-5, each child will receive a individually selected home reader to take home and practise and return at the next session.

Who is this program for?

Children with autism or other learning differences aged 4-7 years old enrolled in Kindergarten or Year 1 in Term 1 2020.

Strictly limited to 8 children

Time and Dates:

9:30-2:30 Monday 13th January 2020

9:30-2:30 Tuesday 14th January 2020

9:30-2:30 Wednesday 15th January 2020

9:30-2:30 Monday 20th January 2020

9:30-2:30 Tuesday 21st January 2020

9:30-2:30 Wednesday 22nd January 2020

*Children must attend all 6 sessions.

If your child is new to TLC, we'll arrange a meeting with a TLC consultant prior to registration to determine if our program is a good fit. Our consultant will conduct an informal assessment (no report will be provided) to assist in the development of goals for your child's specific needs to support their learning of key concepts in preparation for Kindergarten or Year 1.

Application fee: $100
(waived for current TLC clients)

Registration Fee: 
$1499 per child $1299

(Early Bird Rate until 29th November 2019)

Applications close 19th December 2019


Leaders in the field

TLC has been designing and delivering individualised programs for children, adolescents and adults for over 20 years!

Our programs are run by experienced clinicians - people who have real experience and are out in the field every day working with kids and their families.

We are committed to providing you with high quality programs that achieve functional and practical outcomes to ensure your child leaves the program feeling more confident and ready to commence Kindergarten or Year 1.

Your child can gain access to this 6 session school readiness intensive program.

Fee includes:
6 x 5 hr sessions
Workbooks and Materials
Home reader to borrow after sessions 1-5
Portfolio to take home at the conclusion of the program

Designed by leaders in the ABA field and delivered by clinicians who put theory into practise with children and their families every day. Spots are strictly limited to 8 children, secure your child's spot now!


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