School Holiday Program for Children with Autism and Related Differences

Do you have a school aged child with autism who will be on school holidays in January?

Do you want your child to enjoy the school holidays in a safe and friendly learning environment?

Are you looking for a school holiday program developed by clinicians specialising in autism?

The TLC Holiday Program offers a flexible schedule of activities that children can participate in over the school holidays. The program is run by TLC facilitators who are ABA trained and have had experience in implementing social and school skills programs with TLC. The program is designed to be fun and flexible for the children’s varied interests and skill levels and will be a great opportunity to learn new and maintain existing skills in a safe and friendly learning environment.

Three sessions are available each day: morning (9-12) and midday (12-3) as well as the option of enrolling for a whole day.

Children will learn and maintain skills in following routines and adult instructions in a group setting (so they don’t forget these important skills while on holidays from school!). They will also learn and maintain play skills including waiting for their turn, games with rules, accepting others ideas in play. It’s also a good opportunity to learn new games and explore new sensory experiences through art and craft, music and cooking! Children can have a relaxing time watching short films, reading story books and choosing from a variety of free play activities. Those who are more inclined to can use their energy doing fun outdoor and indoor gross motor activities such as group games, water play (if weather allows) and ball games.

Children will also have the opportunity to learn community access skills such as keeping safe while walking in the community, purchasing items from shops and how the postal system works.

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Areas of Focus

Transitions and Routines

Your child will follow routines similar to school as they learn to follow adult-led instructions, complete activities and move on to other activities.

Group/Circle Time

Your child will practise sitting in a group to listen to stories, answer questions and learn the rules of waiting, turn-taking and participating in a teacher-led group activity.

Sensory Exploration

Your child will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with a variety of sensory activities, ask questions, find creative solutions and expand language skills to match their experiences.

Games with Rules

Children will be able to play a variety of games including board games and card games. They will practise turn-taking skills, following simple and complex rules, engage in social language including negotiation and compromise.

Emotional Adjustment

Going to school can be a big adjustment and separating from carers and meeting new people can be difficult for many of our children. We will continue to practise these skills during the holidays and address areas like friendships, flexibility, increasing attention and impulse control.

Language and Communication

Your child will practise and strengthen their communication skills with their peers and teachers as they learn to participate in turn-taking conversations, negotiating and assertiveness.

Motor Coordination

Your child will enjoy activities that enhance fine and gross motor skills as the children participate in games and art and craft.

Social Play

Your child will participate in activities that enhance social skills; ranging from cooperative play to joining in, turn-taking, accepting others’ ideas in play and learning about others’ preferences, similarities and differences.

Music, Stories and Drama

Children will have the opportunity to explore music, stories and drama as both observers (including movies) and participants. They can listen to books being read by facilitators or read their own. They can engage with a variety of existing instruments and costumes or create their own to perform and play with.

Cooking and Community Access

Where weather and ratios allow, children will have the opportunity to walk to local parks or visit shops to purchase items and making simple treats such a smoothies. They will practise simple transactions, staying together and following simple and complex instructions.

Who is this program for?

Children with autism or other learning differences aged 5-12.

Children must be toilet trained and display minimal-no aggression - if you are new to TLC, please contact us to discuss your child's suitability.

Minimum of 3 children per session. Limited to 9 children per session.

Dates and Times

You may sign up for as many sessions and days as you like, with discounts offered for full day bookings. 

Each day has 2 available sessions: 9am - 12pm and 12pm - 3pm


Half day AM 9am - 12pm
$793 hour session
  • Variety of activities in group settings
  • 1:3 ratio
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Half day PM 12pm - 3pm
$793 hour session
  • Variety of activities in group settings
  • 1:3 ratio
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Full day 9am - 3pm
$1506 hour session
  • Variety of activities in group settings
  • 1:3 Ratio
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Leaders in the field

TLC has been designing and delivering individualised programs for children, adolescents and adults for over 20 years!

Our programs are run by experienced clinicians - people who have real experience and are out in the field every day working with kids and their families.

We are committed to providing you with high quality programs that achieve functional and practical outcomes to ensure your child leaves the program having learned and maintained skills  and feeling more socially confident.

Designed by leaders in the ABA field and delivered by clinicians who put theory into practise with children and their families every day. Spots are strictly limited to 9 children, secure your child's spot now!


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