Teach kids with autism to ​learn, grow and succeed!

ABA Therapist Training Workshop from
Sydney's Most Experienced ABA Service Providers and Trainers

Are you looking for a fulfilling and fun career while you complete your education?

Do you want a job that makes a difference?

Are you looking for a career that adds experience and value to your resume but doesn't require a degree?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is the
gold standard in autism treatment

If you are a student or graduate in the field of psychology, speech, occupational therapy or education; ABA training is a fantastic complement to your existing skill-set; making you a valuable part of any team!

Learning the skills to be an ABA therapist allows you to help children with autism learn, grow and succeed every day - and you'll have a lot fun yourself!

This 2 day intensive training will get you on your way to an amazing career in ABA - keep reading to find out more!

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"Aarathy was really good taking time to explain and answer questions as we went along.

I found her to be really helpful and took the time to make you feel comfortable.

The level of attention and feedback I received during the training was excellent.

The role play was very good, [it] helps put things into place. The training is very intense and a lot to take on board for two days but again when you get down to role play it all becomes easier."

- Sue Buchs (ABA Therapist)

Shortly after attending the workshop, Sue secured a role as an ABA therapist and is currently actively working in the field.

What's covered in the workshop?

Introduction to Autism

Before you work with children with autism, make sure you have a good understanding of what autism is (and isn't).

Discrete Trial

The backbone of early intervention. Learn how to pack large amounts of effective learning into your students' day.

Prompting and Fading

Learn how to successfully introduce new skills and work towards independence.

Shaping and Chaining

Go deeper and learn how to teach more complex skillsets essential for independent living and self care.

Behaviour Management

Learn how to respectfully and effectively minimise challenging behaviours while still ensuring needs are being met.

Principles of Behaviour Analysis

Understand the science behind the therapy. Just this module alone adds value and depth to your education and will help you understand the foundation of behaviour.


Learn how to motivate children so you can keep them engaged and ready to learn new skills!

Discrimination Training

The key tools for teaching functional and comprehensive skills to children.

Maintenance and Generalisation

How to ensure that the skills you are teaching are retained and used in a functional way out in the real world.

Data Recording

You'll learn the essential skills to reading and recording data to ensure there's an accurate record of everything your students are learning.

"I found the practical part of the course extremely helpful as it was great to put the theory into practice. I was very happy with the attention and feedback that I received... there was plenty of one on one attention.

I thought that is was a good mix of theory and practical. The practical gave me a feeling for what it would be like to be a therapist and it confirmed to me that I would enjoy working in this field and this will also complement [my degree].

The information that was presented was comprehensive. There was a massive amount of information that was conveyed but it was presented well. I felt comfortable that I could ask questions at any time if I was not clear on any of the information that was presented.

I found the trainer to be warm and engaging in manner. She was helpful and had excellent knowledge of the information covered in the course. I found her to be very approachable and it was obvious that she is passionate about the work that she does with the children she works with."

- Lindy, Parent and Student

Leaders in the field

TLC has been training ABA Therapists for over 18 years!
Our workshops are run by experienced clinicians - people who have real experience and are out in the field every day working with kids and their families.

We are committed to providing you with high quality training that includes practical components and constructive feedback to ensure you leave this workshop with an excellent foundation in ABA skills.

Our Trainers

Karen Wong

Karen had the privilege of working with one of the founding families who brought ABA to Australia - she has over 20 years of experience in the field.

Karen is a psychologist, Clinical Director of The Learning Clinic and inaugaural president of the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia

Aarathy Kumar

Aarathy has been teaching children with autism since 2001, delivering services to families all over Australia.

Aarathy has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with a minor in Psychology and is the Managing Director of the Learning Clinic

Michelle Valero

Michelle has 19 years of experience delivering a variety of services to families with children with autism.

Michelle is a psychologist and a Behaviour Consultant at The Learning Clinic

This workshop is hands on!

This is not JUST about theory!

You will engage in plenty of role play and receive feedback throughout the workshop to ensure you learn practical skills to equip you to work effectively on ABA programs. 

This is NOT a large conference packed with trainees and name badges!

We keep the groups small and intimate. We encourage discussion of all the concepts, give plenty of examples and ensure you have the opportunity for adequate practise of all the practical skills.

"Aarathy was very informative and supportive. I felt encouraged and grew interest in the ABA field more and more as she trained me.

The biggest positive would be the better understanding of child's actions and behaviours in terms of what may be the cause and how I can help to assist her in behaving more appropriately.

I am most looking forward to seeing the child develop and grow with the help I can provide with the skills I learnt.

I think there is a very good balance in the training. I liked the interactions between the trainer, to be able to ask and verify the things which were not so clear. "

- Samantha Jeong (ABA Therapist)

Shortly after attending the workshop, Samantha secured a role as an ABA therapist and is currently actively working in the field

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is interested in becoming an ABA Therapist!

There are no prerequisites or requirements - though the vast majority of our attendees are students in a related field and find the material is a fantastic complement to their coursework.

If you want a job that:
- Is flexible around your university schedule, where you get to control the hours
- Allows you to work with awesome little people and change their world
- Is a whole lot of fun !

Then being an ABA Therapist might be for you - and this course will give you the skills and knowledge to get out there and do just that!

For an investment of just $599,
you too can gain access to this intimate 2 day workshop!

Designed by leaders in the ABA field and delivered by clinicians who put theory into practise with children and their families every day.

Say yes to yourself, invest in your future, and get the skills to truly change lives.

Spots are limited, select a date below and claim your opportunity now!

2019 Training Dates:

All workshops are 9am - 4pm on both days

Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December

2020 Training Dates:

Saturday 1st February and Sunday 2nd February

Saturday 4th April and Sunday 5th April

Saturday 13th June and Sunday 14th June

Saturday 1st August and Sunday 2nd August

Saturday 10th October and Sunday 11th October

Saturday 5th December and Sunday 6th December

The Learning Clinic 146 Pittwater Road Gladesville NSW 2111